Nogizaka46’s “Taiyou Knock” becomes WMA’s 32nd World Single of the Week

This week is another historic week for the Japanese music industry, as another Japanese-based single achieves world glory. For the first time in history, Nogizaka46’s single topped the World Music Awards’ World Single of the Week with their 12th single, “Taiyou Knock”  (ENG: Sun Knock) which was released on 22nd July. The single was a massive hit, with more than 600,000 copies being sold within a week, topping both the Japanese Oricon chart as well as the World chart.

The 12th single of Nogizaka46 marks the return of Ikoma Rina as center, after not being center since their 5th single “Kimi No Na Wa Kibou”. It was also the return for Ikoma from concurrency with Nogizaka46’s rival group, AKB48.

In addition, this is the 2nd time Ikoma’s involvement made it to WMA’s World Single of the Week, being in the senbatsu (selected members) of the 40th single of AKB48, “Bokutachi Wa Tatakawanai” which became the WMA’s 20th World Single of the Week earlier in May.

Nogizaka46’s “Taiyou Knock” ended the 4-week reign of Omi’s “Cheerleader(Felix Jaehn Remix”) in the top of the World Charts. The last time Nogizaka46 made it to the World Single charts was their 11th single “Inochi Wa Utsukushii”, which became 3rd earlier in March this year.

Check out World Music Awards’ article that confirms Nogizaka46’s “Taiyou Knock” as this week’s World’s Single of the Week here:



Source: World Music Awards

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