Cardfight Online participates in Steam Greenlight Campaign, more game details revealed

On 31st July 2015, the upcoming TCG-simulation game Cardfight!! Online (CFO) based on existing physical TCG Cardfight!! Vanguard, participated in the Steam Greenlight Campaign, a channel through which potential players with Steam accounts can express interest towards having the game downloadable through the Steam client. The page for the game can be accessed here.

The FAQ section of the page has also unveiled more details in response to common questions Bushiroad has received. At the point in time of launch, only cards from the English G-era expansion sets and other sealed products onwards will be featured in the game. Hence, the initial stages of the game’s life cycle might see a metagame based directly off the G-Regulation format, a form of card rotation that limits players to new cards in the game. Access to older cards will be granted at a later stage.

G Booster Set 01: Generation Stride, the first booster set of the G-era, and potentially the first to be featured in CFO

G Booster Set 01: Generation Stride, the first booster set of the G-era, and potentially the first to be featured in CFO

CFO will only be available for PC upon launch; Vanguard’s publisher Bushiroad presently does not have any immediate plans to release it on other platforms. Tournaments will be a major feature of CFO.

Comments by existing players of the physical TCG are generally positive, complimenting how this move will make the game more convenient and accessbile to those more acclimatized to PC gaming or those who lack physical players to play against, although some expressed concern if the game will emphasize excessively pay-to-win progression.

A discussion thread, “Is this gonna be the future of tourneys?”, started by Steam user megalotus1000, offers player suggestions on how CFO could be used as a client to conduct preliminary qualifiers of official major tournaments as a mitigation of physical limitations. More prevalent in larger countries is how players might have to spend enormous effort, time and cost to travel to tournament venues to take part in qualifiers as per status quo.

Cardfight!! Online is presently due for a release in late 2015.

– Mikeru

Source: Cardfight!! Online Steam Greenlight Page, Cardfight Pro

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