Prison School To Receive Live-Action Drama Adaptation

Prison School, which is currently on air in Japan as an anime adaptation will be having its own live-action drama adaptation. It is scheduled to air on TBS and MBS channels in Japan in October this year.

The series will be helmed by Noboru Iguchi. Iguchi has directed AV (Adult Video) films before and he has also worked on tokusatsu films such as Nuiguruma Z and other works like The Machine Girl. 

No cast announcement has been made so far. However, fans of Prison School can continue to keep up with the anime and manga series or alternatively – visit the Prison School themed restaurant over at Japan’s Lockup restaurant chain.

Akira Hiramoto’s Prison School manga won the Best General Manga award at the 37th Kodansha Manga Awards. As of now, very few details regarding the drama have been released outside of the director of the series.

As October is not too far away, perhaps we can expect some news regarding the other production team members and the cast. It would be interesting to see the anatomically impossible character designs and masochist humour being replicated in live-action!

Featured image credits to Prison School anime’s official site.

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