Masayuki Izumi of Kamen Rider Faiz Fame Has Passed Away

News flooded the toku (short form of Tokusatsu) Facebook community from Masayuki Izumi’s inactive Ameblo account, informing us of the actor’s passing. Masayuki Izumi is best known for his role in the Kamen Rider Faiz movie as Kamen Rider Orga or the Horse Orphnoch. 

No details were given for the cause of death but it was made known that he died in a hospital in Tokyo on the 28th July at the age of 35.

A private funeral was held with friends and family paying their last respects to the actor.

His management gave the following statement

“Masayuki Izumi, who had been undergoing medical treatment, passed away at 5:35 of July 28th 2015 in a hospital in Tokyo.

He was 35.

The funeral took place with only family present.

We are deeply grateful for the support you have provided while he was still with us. And it is with a heavy heart that we bring you this news.

It was not possible for us to notify you of this sooner and we seek your understanding.

Gift Co.”

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