Premium Bandai to Release Gintama Yukata

Premium Bandai, known for the high-quality Sailor Moon goods and anime merchandise targeted towards adults will be releasing yukata with original prints based off the hit comedy anime.

While these yukata are not outright replicas of the costumes worn by Gintoki or any of the other characters, they do feature prints and patterns inspired by the colour scheme and attire of the characters!

Yukata inspired by Gintoki

As seen above, there are some elements of Gintoki’s original costume such as the fan motifs. His colour scheme is also evident in the blue, red and black dots and diamonds in the yukata. It comes with a black obi. The second yukata that will be released is themed off The Shinsengumi (Okita, Hijikata etc).

The yukata based off the Shinsengumi uniforms

The yukata based off The Shinsengumi draws heavy inspiration from the gold and black uniforms worn by the members and has a geometric print. It comes with a reversible black and grey obi. 

These yukata are scheduled for release this month, just in time for the fireworks and summer matsuri. However, like most Premium Bandai items, they do not come cheap with a price tag of 19,440 yen (SGD215.70).


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