Fate/Grand Order RPG Released for iOS and Android, Gameplay Trailer Revealed

Many would have heard of Fate/Grand Order, the role-playing game (RPG) produced by TYPE-MOON to be released on the iOS and Android mobile platforms as part of the Fate series of visual novels. The Fate series surround magi known as Masters, humans who are capable of magic, who summon the spirits of heroes (Heroic Spirits and Servants) in combat against each other in Holy Grail Wars such that the last pair standing will lay claim to the Holy Grail.

An opening clip as well as a new trailer revealing elements of gameplay mechanics in Fate/Grand Order have been released today alongside the official release of the game itself in Japan earlier this week on the 29th of July (Wednesday). The game takes place over seven chapters, representing different eras of history, and these seven chapters each come in the form of Holy Grail quests termed as Grand Orders (hence the name).

The Servants in the game are Heroic Spirits summoned by a Master to compete in the Holy Grail Wars, and have an Alignment (Good, Neutral and Evil principles, combined with Lawful, Neutral and Chaotic personalities) which will determine how they will be like. Classes of Servants include Saber, Archer, Lancer, Rider, Caster, Berserker and Assassin, based on their different combinations of attribute profiles comprising Strength, Endurance, Agility, Magical Power, Good Luck and the strength of one’s Noble Phantasm. The combat process is turn-based, comprising a Tactical and Command Phase, and players have three Servants in their teams. Chain combinations also exist as a sort of “buff” to boost several stats of the player’s Servants in battle.

TYPE-MOON’s trailer showing game mechanics, notably chain combos

Kinoku Nasu, the creator of the original Fate/Stay night novel, wrote the storyline and scenario for the RPG together with Yuichiro Higashide and Hikaru Sakurai, while its cast of characters were the brainchild of Takashi Takeuchi and were designed separately by various artists. The theme song, titled “Colours (色彩, Shikisai)”,  is performed by prolific seiyuu and singer-songwriter Maaya Sakamoto and the characters feature a stellar vocal cast to play the roles of various legendary or historically significant figures. Notable additions to the Fate series include Maaya Sakamoto herself as Jeanne d’Arc and the young Alexander the Great and Mamoru Miyano as Charles-Henri Sanson. The seiyuu cast for the game is proving to be a good match for the stature of the identities of the characters they are lending their voices to!

Looking forward to Fate/Grand Order? Do view the trailer and opening animation below to catch more glimpses of the game!

Opening animation by A-1 Pictures

Featured image credits to Fate/Grand Order’s Official Website

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