Additional cast and filming details for the live-action Terra Formars movie announced!

A few moths ago, it was announced that the hit seinen manga Terra Formars will be receiving a live-action movie adaptation, similar to what Attack on Titan and Assassination Classroom had. However, some characters have been changed for this adaptation but they are based off the original characters in the manga.

Rurouni Kenshin star Emi Takei will play the heroine of the manga and Shokichi’s love interest, Nanao Akita. Takayuki Yamada, know for his role in live-action Arakawa Under the Bridge will take on the role of Ichiro Hiruma. Nobunaga Concerto’s Shun Oguri will be playing Ko Honda. Martial artist Kane Kosugi has been casted as God Lee. Do note that the anime titles here are referring to their live-action incarnations.

Emi Takei in Rurouni Kenshin

The rest of the announced cast will be playing characters based off the manga and anime series. Pacific Rim’s Rinko Kikuchi will star as Asuka Moriki who is based off Victoria Wood from the original manga. Masaya Kato from the 1998 incarnation of Godzilla will play Keisuke Dojima who is based off Donatello K. Davis. 20th Century Boys’ Eiko Koike has been casted as Mina Obari who is spun-off from Zhang Ming-Ming. Mariko Shinoda, famous for her role in Ouran High School Host Club and a former member of AKB48 will take on Ai Osako who is based on Jaina Einstein. Kenichi Takito from Climber’s High will star as Toshiji Tezuka who is based off Tejas Viji. Lastly, Princess Jellyfish’s Rina Ota will play Maria Renjo, who shares the same first name as the original counterpart, Maria Viren.

Rila Fukushima in The Wolverine

However, there is a totally new addition to the cast as well. A new character who was not shown in the anime or manga will make an appearance. Rila Fukushima, best known for starring in Hollywood film The Wolverine as Yukio, will take on the role of the new character, Sakakibara.

The film is expected to finish the filming process this February and is looking at a spring 2016 release. In mid-May, filming commenced in Iceland. What is interesting to note about the character changes is that characters from other ethnicities have been changed to Japanese, again similar to what happened in live-action Attack on Titan with the hit character, Levi was removed from the movie. Perhaps this is due to the same reason given by the director of Titan. 

Fans should note that the movie will adapt the Bugs 2 arc from the first volume of the Terra Formars manga.


All screencaps belong to their respective owners.

Featured image credits to Terra Formar’s Anime Official Site

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