Doraemon X Hello Kitty Collaboration To Sell Goods Catered Towards An Older Crowd

Japan is very fond of cute mascots and characters, evident through their adorable and kawaii images dotting almost every corner of the nation, be it as Prefecture Mascots or with their own shop over at Tokyo Station’s Character Street. This time round though, Japan takes the cuteness factor a mile higher with the collision of two iconic characters to the nation: Hello Kitty and Doraemon. 

Announced a few days earlier, the collaboration will see over fifty companies using the iconic image of Sanrio’s Hello Kitty with Fujiko Fujio’s Doraemon in over 320 different types of products! Right now, the announced list is geared towards an audience outside of children with a focus on bags, T-shirts and practical everyday items. The designs are also generally unisex as well for the apparel!

Aside from that, there will also be a special collaboration with famous department store Takashimaya in Japan. From 12-25 August 2015, the Doraemon meets Hello Kitty at Takashimaya store will be having pre-sales of the goods. It will be located at the Takashimaya store over at Nihonbashi district, Tokyo.

In addition to that, special shops selling the goods will be opened across Tokyo for a limited time! The locations and dates are as follows:

Seibu (Ikebukuro) : 27 August – 8 September
Keio Department Store (Shinjuku) : 1 October – 7 October
Tokyu Hands (Daimaru Umeda Store, Osaka) : 29 August – 18 September
Kiddy Land (Harajuku): 22 August

Even famous brands such as Outdoor will be taking part in this collaboration too, as seen from the bag above! With such an iconic collaboration, this is one product line-up that fans of Japanese pop culture would not want to miss!

Translations by Astrid

All image credits to Sanrio and Fujiko-PRO


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