Neon Genesis Evangelion Shinkansen Project Announced!

Japan is pretty much renowned for being the home of themed transportation! Be it themed aeroplanes with special livery or itachi cars, even transportation in Japan is colourful! This time round however, the iconic shinkansen (bullet train) will be getting the special livery treatment and what better franchise to do it than the Evangelion franchise?

To mark the 40th anniversary of JR West’s Sanyo Shinkansen line, which travels from Osaka to Fukuoka’s Hakata ward and vice versa and the 20th anniversary of the Neon Genesis Evangelion series, JR West and Evangelion has unveiled a new website for the project. Titled as 500TYPE EVA PROJECT, the special shinkansen with livery inspired by Evangelion Unit-01, which was piloted by Shinji during the anime.

The JR West 500 series trains were designed by Anno Hideaki with the supervision of mechanic designer Yamashita Ikuto who worked on the designs of the EVA themselves in the series! The 500TYPE EVA will make two daily trips as shown below:

From Hakata: 6:36―(Kodama 730)→11:14 Shin-Osaka
From Shin-Osaka 11:32―(Kodama 741)→16:07 Hakata

The Evangelion trains are set to start their journeys this Autumn 2015. No specific date regarding the train’s first journey has been given yet. Aside from the chance to ride one of these special trains, the official website also stated that there are plans for the sales of commemorative travel products and memorabilia. The trains will run until approximately March 2017, along with the planned merchandise sales.

Fans who would like to find out more about this collaboration can visit the official website or look out for more details during the WonderFestival 2015[Summer] which will take place at China’s Makuhari Messe International Exhibtion Halls 1-8!

All pictures sourced from 500TYPE EVA PROJECT’s Official Website and JR West’s Press Article


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