LiSA Is Singing Always At Her Singapore Concert

On the day of the concert, our reporters arrived at 5pm at Resorts World™ Theatre, Resorts World™ Sentosa, where crowds of LiSAkkos (all LiSA fan base) were buying merchandise and handing out flyers with instructions on what to do before her encore started. The doors were opened at 5:30 and 2 lines formed at the entrances to the seats of the theater.

The concert was due to start on 6:30, but it started at 6:45. LiSA, dressed in a black printed sleeveless shirt and a black and red skirt opened the concert up with コズミックジェットコースター [Cosmic jet coaster] where the crowds’ lightsticks filled the theater in a red glow.

The next song was Sword Art Online’s Crossing Field. The crowd roared with excitement and some sang along with her. The crowd lightsticks changed color from red to a mixture of red, pink and blue dominating most of the theater.  With Crossing Field over, LiSA started her introduction! “Hi Im LiSA” she said. “This is my 5th time in Singapore!” the crowd roared with excitement, “but my first solo concert here!” LiSA continued and the crowd roared even louder.


LiSA Singapore - 020

LiSA then started her next song, Thousand Enemies by Girl Dead Monster from the anime Angel Beats, where she provided the singing voice of Yui. She directed the crowd’s lightstick movement using her free hand as he sang, as a theater of red lights swing in unison based on LiSA‘s hand signals.

A familiar tune then was played, it was LiSA’s 1st opening song, Fate/Zero’s Oath Sign. The crowd roared and sang and LiSA continued to direct the lightsticks in unison. After 蜜 [Mitsu], the stage darkened, and the crowd cheered “LiSA LiSA LiSA!!!”

LiSA Singapore - 014

LiSA cooled down the hype up LisAkkos with her next song, Ichiban no Takaramono. Everybody acknowledge the change in pace and swung their lightsticks forward and backwards while some clapped to the beat of the song.

The 7th song is Little Braver , by Girl Dead Monster from the anime Angel Beats. During the song LiSA raise her hands and clap to the beat and the theater followed her timing in unison. LiSA also led the crowd in a long lalala session and directed the lightstick movement, before ending the song with a series of strong and long “la la la laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa”

LiSA then took out a guitar and asked everybody if they were having fun. Everybody cheered in unison “Next song… is an idol song” the crowd cheered in excitement, “a very famous idol group” with the drummer hitting the cymbal in a beat of bang bang, bang bang bang bang, LiSA started singing “1 2 1 2 3 lets go!” The theather exploded as everybody sang “I WANT YOU! I NEED YOU L LOVE YOU!”, it was a cover of AKB48’s Heavy Rotation. After the first verse, she mashed up a verse from Flying Jet and Koi suru Fortune Cookie.


During LiSA’s Yuukei Yesterday, LiSA lead the theater in a lalala session and directed the lightstick movements. During her next MC session, she asked the crowd if they like AKB48 or herself more.  She even let an audience member speak into the mic. The audience member said “LiSA number 1!” LiSA was surprised and delighted that her fans here support her more than AKB48, a group known for constantly hitting the Oricon Charts without fail.

LiSA then hyped up the crowd again by asking us to scream in accordance to our seat arrangement, LEFT RIGHT CENTER! She did it a few times, before singing Nisekoi’s Rally Go RoundFor her 14th song, Rising Hope, LiSA went all out with her voice, singing it with the highest she can reach, hyping up the crowd further as she signaled the crowd to sing and to go as high as possible, some of which couldn’t go as high, or as long as her, which isn’t to be surprised.

LiSA then started to teach the audience the dance steps for エレクトリリカル [Elect Lyrical]Hidari Migi Pyon Pyon” (ENG: To the left and right Pyon Pyon!), she said in a cute voice repeatedly during her teaching session. After that she sang エレクトリリカル [Elect Lyrical]. She extended the song for us to do the dance step a total of 9 times.


Before the last song was sang, LiSA told everybody that it would be the last song and she had fun during her 1st solo concert in Singapore. A fan from the LiSA Singapore Fan Club, passed her a Minion plush toy, referencing her role as a Minion in the Japanese dub of The Minions Movie. LiSA said thank you, then proceed to sing her last song before the encore, with the microphone in one hand, and the Minion in another.  She used the Minion to hand-signal or in this case – Minion signal the lightstick directions.

Before the encore started, the whole crowd started the traditional “ENCORU” cheer at the end of the concert but calls for silence were heard coming from the left side of the theater where the LiSAkkos were seated. Posted on the LiSA Singapore Fan Club facebook page and LiSA Singapore Facebook Group was a surprise for LiSA. The LiSAkkos planned for the audience to sing a small part of “いすかの手紙 [Itsuka no Tegami]” before the Encore. Unfamiliar fans of the song just kept quiet at the start of the song verse until the part when the lalalas were sung which everybody sang together.


Finally, LiSA came out, and she heard the singing. She says in Japanese (loosely translated) “I heard the singing in Japanese, and reconized Itsuka no Tekgami.” She then asked how many first timers were there to watch her concert. Alot of hands were raise which took her by surprise. She was happy to be here for the 5th time and for her first solo concert here. She considers Singapore to be her 2nd home. She loved everybody, thanking her for her support, and sang the chorus of Home, an iconic National Day song in Singapore by local Kit Chan. As this song is very close to the hearts of Singaporeans, everybody knew the lyrics and sang along.

During the interview the night before, one of the interviewers introduced the song Home to her, mistaking it for one of Stefanie Sun’s songs as LiSA sang one of Stefanie Sun’s songs verses during her Taiwan concert. She followed up with Itsuka no Tegami, following the crowd’s version, as both LiSA and audience sang together. As she sang she walked off stage and into the audience, making one big round around the theatre.


She then introduced her band, thanked her staff and the audience for coming today, She said she would come back again and asked the audience to see her again for another show. She then blew a kiss to everyone, asking everyone to blow a kiss back. The concert ended with LiSA and the crew taking shots of themselves and the audience behind them.

With the end of this report, we bring you a message from LiSA to all her Singaporean fans!

LiSA ASIA 2015 Tour (Singapore)
1) コズミックジェットコースター [Cosmic jet coaster]
2) Crossing Field
3) Thousand Enemies
4) Oath Sign
5) 蜜 [Mitsu]
6) 一番の宝物 [Ichiban no Takaramono]
7) Little Braver
8) Heavy Rotation, Flying Get, Fortune Cookie (cover)
9) 君にピエロ [Kimi Ni Piero]
10) Yuukei Yesterday (Mekaku City Actors)
11) Rally Go Round
12) Confidence driver
13) ROCK-mode
14) Rising Hope
15) エレクトリリカル [Elect Lyrical]
16) シルシ [Shirushi]

18) Home (cover)
19) いすかの手紙 [Itsuka no Tegami]
20) Crow Song

Concert photographs courtesy of SOZO

2 thoughts on “LiSA Is Singing Always At Her Singapore Concert

  1. I was there! The girl who spoke into the microphone was right in front of me, so I got a close-up of LiSA myself. :p

    Man, that concert was awesome. 11/10 would go again.

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