Perfume’s Anniversary Project Revealed!

In the wee hours of the morning today, the countdown to Perfume’s anniversary project ended and was eventually reset to 365 days from now on. However, this does not mean that we were tricked in anyway! It turns out that Perfume would release something different from their music releases or concert DVDs this time. While it is not a world tour either, it is still a treat for international fans as well.

It is none other than a documentary that brings fans back to the time of their third world tour! The movie-documentary titled WE ARE PERFUME – WORLD TOUR 3rd DOCUMENT is scheduled for a cinematic release in Japan on 31 October 2015. 

While Perfume is immensely popular in the overseas markets, plans to screen the movie outside of Japan have been greenlit on the group’s official Facebook page. While the official website for the actual movie itself is still a bit bare-bones, fans can read the girls’ comments on their excitement over this documentary!

The documentary will be directed by Sawatari Taketoshi. A preview of the movie-documentary has been uploaded on Youtube already, featuring highlights from the girls’ trips to Taiwan, London, Singapore and America set to the background music of enter the sphere! Fans can stay tuned to the project’s official website for more details in the coming months!


Featured image credits to We Are Perfume’s Official Facebook Page

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