OLDCODEX’s “Feed A” To Be Given An August Release; Cover Art Revealed

Earlier this year, Lantis has revealed that the opening theme to the popular GOD EATER! anime series will be performed by OLDCODEX. The rock band is well-known to many, having debuted in 2009 and helmed by lead singer Suzuki Tatsuhisa and lyricist-cum-painter YORKE, alongside three other members who play the drums, bass and guitar. Suzuki Tatsuhisa, affectionately known as Tatsun or Ta_2 by his fans, was ranked 5th amongst popular male seiyuu-singers in a public poll on singing ability and just this year many got to witness his band perform at the Lantis Festival 2015 across Asia.

The opening theme to GOD EATER! is now going to be released as part of OLDCODEX‘s 11th and latest single, titled “Feed A” and scheduled to be released on the 5th of August this year. “Feed A” is the rock band’s third release this year, alongside their mini-album “pledge” and their single “Lantana“. The single’s three tracks are all written by YORKE and two of the songs are composed by Ta_2 (Feed A, Where I Stand), and Lantis has already revealed the cover art as well as the TV-size version of the song which can be heard alongside awesome visuals as part of the GOD EATER’s opening sequence. “Feed A” will be released in both regular edition, with comes with the CD only, and limited edition, which comes with both the CD and the DVD containing promotional videos and a “making of” clip.

Cannot wait to get your hands on the single? Overseas fans can already look forward to pre-ordering “Feed A” on CDJAPAN!

1. Feed A
2. Stained me
3. Where I stand

Regular Edition Cover Art

Limited Edition Cover Art

Preview of “Feed A” on Lantis’ YouTube channel

Featured image credits to Lantis’ Official Facebook Page

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