Welcome back to Singapore, LiSA!

Our reporter went down to interview LiSA yesterday night at Hard Rock Hotel, along with representatives from other media organisations. She greeted with an enthusiastic “Good Evening” as she sat down to talk to us.

You have sung and covered a lot of songs in your singing career. Are there any songs that you and your previous bands have covered that made an impact on you?

“There’s not really anything that comes up to me, but last week when I was in Taiwan, I did something interesting. I learnt to sing this Chinese song (by Singaporean singer, Stephanie Sun) as a casual experiment of sorts for the audience. It was heartwarming to see all the fans wave together and sing back with me.”

When you were learning this song, did you have a lot of trouble?

“Oh yes, because I’m not very good at Chinese. It’s not like English, where I can pick up from watching movies or hear from international fans. I practised a lot and a lot to sing the chinese lyrics, and it scared me to think the words will come out wrong. In the end, it really worked out and I’m happy that everyone liked it.”

How did you feel providing the singing voice for Yui from Angel Beats?

“It was a bit strange; to hear my own singing voice and see someone that’s not me on the television.”

How do you feel about your songs reaching the Oricon Chart’s Top 10 on a near consistent basis?

“I’m elated about the support from fans and I am happy to see it. I trust how my fans see what is the best in me.”

You have been to Singapore consistently from 2011. Do you have a favourite Singaporean dish?

(Lisa looks around, sheepishly pondering for a few silent moments as the question hung in the air. She shoots a few glances at her translators. Finally, she exclaimed her answer.)
“Chicken Rice! I’m sorry I cannot think of any other food, but every time I come back, I feel like chicken rice is one thing I definitely must have while I’m here”

Congratulations on being given the opportunity to star in the Japanese dub for the new Minions movie! As this is your first voice-acting work, what did you think were challenging and fun aspects of voice-acting for you?

“It was a disaster. When I first started recording, I spoke the lines normally. As they cued the recorded lines with the animation, it didn’t sound natural. It was so tense and I tried reading in an over-dramatic way but it still wasn’t enough. Eventually, I found a voice that was there. I think that to the senior voice actors, injecting life into their lines is like me singing my feelings out. It was frustrating, but a very enjoyable experience indeed!”

LiSA will be performing her very first solo live, ‘LiVE is Smile Always‘ in Singapore’s Resorts World Theatre at Resorts World Sentosa tonight. Stay tuned to JNetwork for the full concert report!

~ gamerisdc

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