What to Expect for Koda Kumi’s First Solo Live in Singapore!

Earlier this evening, two of our reporters from J-Network headed to The Treetop at *scape for Koda Kumi’s media press conference! While the session was a brief 30 minutes long, it did manage to encapsulate Koda Kumi’s overall workings as an artiste and of course, her excitement for her first solo live here!

Emcee and intepreter Miki Noriyuki assisted with translations and gave a brief introduction to Koda Kumi’s flourishing music career, highlighting various interesting facts as well such as the fact that she has had a total concert viewership of over 1.3 million people!

Having recently concluded her Arena tour in Japan and the Taiwanese leg of her Asian tour, Koda Kumi arrived in Singapore with full force! She stepped onto the raised platform, clad in a dark blue tube top, black pencil skirt and her hair dyed in pastel shades.


The first question to come out during the Q&A session was from J-Network itself! Our reporter asked Koda Kumi where she got the ideas and inspiration for her costumes from – and of course, what to expect for the next day’s concert. Koda then answered that she took into account the era of her concert and is also careful to pick something that flatters her body shape to boost her confidence, picking out usually the one-piece suits by herself.

As for tomorrow’s costumes, be prepared for a surprise! Koda told the audience that half her costumes for the next day’s concerts will be carried over from her recent arena tour [Koda Kumi 15th Anniversary Live Tour 2015 supported by Mercedes-Benz] while the other half was created just for the concert on 18 July 2015! 


With a more intimate setting compared to the vastness of her arena concerts in Japan, fans will definitely have the opportunity to see her awesome and ever-unique costumes up-close! Do stay tuned to find out more about what the Queen of Live has to offer to Singapore during her concert!

All photographs were taken by the reporting team at J-Network


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