‘Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans’ to Air in October 2015

This afternoon, the Gundam press conference held in THE GRAND HALL in Shinagawa, Japan, was streamed worldwide and translated to multiple languages for all the fans of Gundam across the planet.

During the conference, much of the new Gundam merchandise was displayed, along with a large model of the featured Mobile Suit: the Gundam Barbatos.

The conference also unveiled the promised details of the latest anime installment of the Gundam Series: ‘Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans‘, which takes place in a world ravaged by a great strife named the ‘THE CALAMITY WAR’ which happened 300 years before the beginning of the story.


The main characters are Mikazuki Augus and Orga Itsuka, members of the Civil Defense Company ‘Chyrse Guard Security’ (abbreviated as CGS) based in Mars. Mikazuki of CGS is tasked to protect Kudelia Aina Bernstein, a woman who seeks to liberate the Martian city of Chryse from Earth’s rule.

However, a military organization ‘GJALLARHORN’ kindles the flames of revolution, forcing CGS to retreat by using Mikazuki’s unit as decoys. But the leader of Mikazuki’s unit, Orga Itsuka sees this as an opportunity to raise the flag of revolution and initiate a coup d’état. Mikazuki, who is then entrusted by Orga to repel the forces of GJALLARHORN, then begins to pilot the mobile suit used during the CALAMITY WAR which had since been used by CGS as a nuclear reactor: the Gundam Barbatos.









Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans’ is slated to begin airing on every Sunday starting 4th October 2015 on all 28 MBS/TBS channels across the whole of Japan.

Currently the edited archive video of the press conference can be viewed at the official website, subtitled in English, Chinese and Korean, along with the PV trailer of the anime. The PV can also be viewed from the mobile app ‘Gundam Channel’ which is available for iOS and Android.

~ Kuuin

Source: g-tekketsu.com
All Images Courtesy of g-tekketsu.com

One thought on “‘Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans’ to Air in October 2015

  1. i love it a new gundam series call mobile suit gundam iron blooded orphans will air on october 4 in japan then its will air in the u.s. like cartoon network toonami on saturday if they annouced for cartoon network i will like to say for the new gundam series make sure there are like 50 episodes then a second season of gundam iron blooded orphans then as for the two new gundams series if they continues make a video game based on the anime call gundam iron blooded orphans gundams lives oh i love anime


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