The Next Gundam Was Announced on 15 July

Back in 3rd July this year, an enigmatic twitter account ‘@g_tekketsu’ announced the opening of a countdown website which proclaimed ‘NEXT G COMING SOON’ – after which, on 5th July, it was tweeted that the website would host a live forum worldwide broadcast on 15th July 12 noon (+9 GMT) which would release details on the new anime in the long running Gundam series.

There have been a number of speculations as to the meaning of the website’s name ‘tekketsu’ which many fans of the series have implied to mean ‘鉄血’ (translated as iron blood), along with the identity of the featured mysterious Gundam model fitted rounded pauldrons from which some fans have jokingly recognized as the AGE-1 Titus.

With only less than 20 hours left in the timer, do follow the website tomorrow for news on the next installment of the Gundam series.

~ Kuuin
Featured Image Courtesy of

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