Uta no Prince-Sama 5th Anniversary Celebrations Line-Up Announced!

Uta no Prince-sama will enter its fifth anniversary as a franchise this year and to celebrate this milestone, the franchise has five celebratory events lined up for the fans to enjoy! Recently, a fourth season has been confirmed by the anime producers. What is the best way to kill time while waiting for its release then? Read on to find out more.

The dedicated UtaPri Pop-up store (SHINING STORE) in Harajuku will re-appear and this time round, its interior will be decorated around a party theme in celebration of the fifth anniversary! Items from the fictional Shining Office in the anime and games will be brought to life as well along with special items from the eleven idols of UtaPri themselves! Not only that, many of the goods will contain the ‘Happy Balloon’ visuals all in honour of the fifth anniversary! The store will be opened on 26 July 2015 until October this year.


In addition to the main SHINING STORE, there will also be a satellite store that will be opened at Tokyo Big Sight. The satellite store will only be opened for one day on 25 July 2015 at Tokyo Big Site’s East Halls 4 and 5. More details can be found here with regards to the goods that they are selling and the special exhibition sites! The exhibitions largely focus on past items that were sold at the main SHINING STORE in the previous years but with dedicated sections to Tokiya and Cecil, fans definitely would not want to miss out on this!

2. 5th Anniversary Book 
In addition to the revival of the SHINING STORE, Kadokawa will launch a fifth anniversary book which is set for release on 24 December 2015. Not much details have been announced but fans can expect a trove of illustrations and even a sneak peek into the personal lives of the boys!

The boys of STARISH and QUARTET NIGHT will be decked in summer themed clothes soon and this usually means more merchandise! In previous years, the PRINCE SUMMER campaign saw various promotional posters and billboards being decked in Shibuya and Marui City. Special campaigns were also held at Animate and the Broccoli official store during the previous PRINCE SUMMER campaigns. So far, the campaign has given fangirls the chance to look at their idols with sunflowers and floral patterned tuxedos. What will 2015 bring? We’ll wait and see although judging from the website for the campaign, we might get a nautical theme!

4. Opening of the official sites for the Mascot Characters
The most famous UtaPri mascot character is undeniably Piyo-chan thanks to Natsuki’s love for the little chick and the infectious Piyo-chan Song that pretty much proved that Kisho Taniyama can sing. There is more to Piyo-chan in the site though! The anthropomorphic music note Onpukun, drafted by Otoya, is also featured in the site!


A new mascot will also appear and it is none other than Penguin! He is a creation of Tokiya. His charm point is stated to be his big feet! The adorable site for the mascots can be viewed at this link!

5. Shining All Star CD Release! 
Of course there would be something music related for the final surprise! A new CD will be released with four tracks! (Two with vocals, two instrumentals). The Shining All Star CD2 will be on sale from 30 September 2015! The boys of STARISH will have a new song titled Tenkuu no Mirakurusuta (The Sky’s Miracle Star) while the dashing senpais from QUARTET NIGHT will perform Starlight Memory. 

The tokuten have also been announced although no previews are available so far.

With the Maji LOVELIVE 5th STAGE at Saitama Super Arena getting an additional day on 16 January 2016 and the upcoming fourth season (which will even see the return of rival group HEAVENS!), these activities and campaigns are sure to keep fans occupied and excited!

All image credits to UtaPri’s official site and sub-sites

SOURCE: http://www.utapri.com/sp/utapri_5th_anniversary/



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