Trailer and Poster for ‘Ore Monogatari’ Live Action Movie Adaptation Revealed

Just this afternoon, the official website for the upcoming movie adaptation of the critically acclaimed Shoujo Manga ‘Ore Monogatari’ unveiled the powerful design of the movie’s promotional poster, featuring the massive, heroic visage of the lead actor Suzuki Ryouhei (as Gouda Takeo), accompanied by Nagano Mei (as Yamato Rinko) and Sakaguchi Kentarou (as Sunakawa Makoto), along with its much awaited preview trailer.


The movie, like its original work and anime adaptation, targets those who have had enough with the usual, unchanging, lackadaisical Shoujo manga movie adaptations, entirely subverting the notion of ‘what it means to be a hunk’ – by bringing to movie screens this unique tale.


As can be seen from the trailer, veteran actor Suzuki Ryouhei, who acts as a first year high school student – infallible in almost any physical sport from Judo to Baseball – through his rigorous preparation of reportedly increasing his weight by 30Kg, has certainly performed wonderfully as the brawny, manly protagonist of the movie.

According to the newly released poster, the movie adaptation of ‘Ore Monogatari’ will first air at 31st October this year in Japan.

~ Kuuin
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