The Galaxy Express 999 Aims to Be Returned to Life Through Crowdfunding

The Galaxy Express 999 had humble beginnings as a manga series but over time, its popularity grew, leading to the creation of various anime series and films based off its premise. Its ending song was even used as the theme song to Animelo Summer Live 2013 Flag Nine! It is so iconic that it even has a literal train based off the manga that used to operate on the Seibu Railway until the train ceased operations last year. Inevitably, this caused many fans wanting the train service to return once more. Crowdfunding through Japanese portal Makuake* has commenced with the aim of returning to old service served by the real Galaxy Express 999 but this time round – they hope to do more beyond the livery of the train. The project aims to actually refurbish the interior as well.

What is the targeted amount of money to raise for this fan-favourite liner to be revived once more? Around 29,990,000 Yen. If you wish to contribute, you can do so at the starter rate of 5,000 yen. There is also the maximum contribution of 100,000 yen which will come with exclusive perks such as lunch with the original mangaka himself! (Leiji Matsumoto) 

Those intending to contribute have until 29 September 2015 and if all goes well, the new Galaxy Express 999 may make its first voyage this December! While the project itself has only managed to attain 5% of its intended target for the first day, hopefully it will get better! However, 12 people have already generously donated 100,000 yen to the project!

With such a prolific career (do Space Battleship Yamato and Space Pirate Captain Harlock come to mind?) and a lasting impact on the Japanese pop culture scene, this author can understand why many would want to have the opportunity to have lunch with Matsumoto-san.  *Makuake is like the Japanese version of Indiegogo 


Featured image credits to Toei Animation

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