America VS Japan in The Very First “Real Life Super Robot Wars”

It’s not Titans VS Gundam yet, but it is the first step towards it. American company MegaBots Inc. challenged Japanese company Suidobashi Heavy Industry to a 1 on 1 duel. 

MegaBots uploaded a Youtube video showcasing a robot they named MARK II – America’s first fully functional giant piloted robot, equipped with “really big guns” because “we are American”

The Mark II a 2000 pound (5’400 Kg) heavy giant gasoline powered robot, which requires a team of 2 to pilot it. The robot can even  fire a 3 pound (1 Kg) paintball at a speed of over 100 mph ( 160km/h).

MegaBots also displayed Suidobashi’s giant robot, “KURATAS“, a gargantuan robot weighing 9000 pounds (4000 KG), which requires a single pilot. The KURATAS is fitted with two Gatling guns, a targeting system and a full Heads-Up-Display.

MegaBots then challenged Suidobashi to a duel, leaving the choice of time and place to the latter.

A week later Suidobashi released a video, about their feelings and reactions to MegaBots‘ video, and accepting the challenge as an interesting one, saying, “MegaBots organised the duel, we’ll be there”

It is currently not known when this event will be held or the exact date, but it will be an exciting one to watch. Who will you be rooting for in the fight?

~ Cal

Sources: Megabots Inc, Suidoubashi Heavy Industry

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