Maaya Sakamoto To Release 9th Album and Go on National Tour!

Famed seiyuu and singer-songwriter Maaya Sakamoto has recently announced on her LINE account that she will be releasing her 9th album and will go on a nation-wide tour with a countdown special at around 5p.m. (+8 GMT). Following her highly successful 20th anniversary celebratory events and releases so far, what can fans expect for this new release?

The 9th album has already been given a title: FOLLOW ME UP and it is set for release on 30 September 2015! So far, eight tracks have been announced and based on the information provided on her 20th Anniversary Official Website, the album will contain fifteen tracks in total! All of the eight announced tracks are coincidentally, her tie-up songs that are used as the opening or ending themes to various anime with the exception of 東京寒い (Tokyo Samui). これから (Korekara) is also the first self-composed song of Sakamoto’s that was used as an anime tie-in!

maaya tracklist

The eight announced tracks

The album will be released in two editions: a CD only edition which will go for 2,900 yen and a limited CD + DVD edition which will be on sale for 3,900 yen.


Screenshot of the LINE announcement from the author’s phone

That’s not all for Sakamoto’s fans! She will also be embarking on more live concerts with a solo nation-wide concert tour bearing the album’s name! Maaya Sakamoto LIVE TOUR 2015-2016 FOLLOW ME UP will kick start on 21 November 2015 at Harmony Hall Zama, Kanagawa. A special countdown stop at Tokyo International Forum Hall A, Tokyo will also be held on 31 December 2015! Sakamoto will traverse across twelve prefectures for this tour and the final stop will be held at Fukuoka Civic Hall on 24 January 2016. 

For more information on the tour, fans can access the 20th anniversary site here.

With a new album in the works and a national tour, the 20th anniversary celebrations are definitely not over for Maaya Sakamoto. In the meantime, fans can listen to her recent collaborations with composer CORNELIUS for the Ghost in the Shell series as part of her latest single!

Translations by Astrid


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