Morikubo Showtaro’s Tenth Single To Be Released This October

Prolific voice actor, singer-songwriter and musician Morikubo Showtaro has revealed on his official Twitter account that his tenth single will be released on the 7th of October this year. The multi-talented Morikubo is considered to be amongst the seiyuus with the best singing ability, demonstrating a sharp control over his vocal technique and particular excellence at combining this with heavy guitar riffs and solid basslines that best displays the daring boldness of a Morikubo rock song.

He debuted his music career in 2001, making this his fifteenth year in singing, and his latest single comes only a good eight months since his previous release of FOCUS earlier this year in February. Besides singing and voicing character roles in anime series, Morikubo can play the drums and the guitar! It would also be interesting to note that Morikubo composes and writes the lyrics to his songs, and these definitely make him an artiste to watch out for.

Morikubo is also a prominent feature artiste for the Original Entertainment Paradise (OrePara), so expect to see him perform this December (more details available here). He will also be present at Uta no Prince-Sama LOVELIVE 5th Stage at Saitama Super Arena! To get a glimpse of Morikubo‘s works, you can view the music videos provided by Lantis‘ YouTube channel below.

More details will be announced as they come by!




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