Cardfight Online announced, Slated for Release in Holidays 2015

Vanguard Players can now expect to bring their inter-clan card battles into the digital realm, following the holiday season of 2015. Publisher Bushiroad has recently announced that they will be porting their physical TCG Cardfight!! Vanguard into an English online game, Cardfight!! Online (CFO).

Its official website opened earlier this week and an official Facebook Page, which has garnered over 4000 Likes to date, was set up on 1st July.

The game targets English speaking players, and will thus will only be available in English at launch date. CFO is free-to-play and will include micro-transactions for obtaining cards – similar to other physical-to-online TCGs such as the Pokemon TCG Online. A specific release date has not been announced but the game will launch during “Holidays 2015“.

Previously, players who wanted to play a virtual version of Vanguard could play either Cardfight!! Vanguard: Ride on Victory or Lock on Victory, two 3DS games produced by FuRyu based on Seasons 1 through 2 and Season 3 of the anime respectively. The games were largely faithful in porting real-life card expansions into the game and most of the anime characters conceived up till the point of the game’s development. Unfortunately for the English community, these games are Japanese exclusive, prompting some of the more zealous cardfighters to petition for the developers to release an English version.

Potential players may refer to the CFO website and Facebook page for future updates.

– Mikeru

Source and Images: Cardfight!! Online Website

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