Miss Monochrome To Release First Full Album!

Seiyuu and singer Yui Horie has multiple accolades with an extensive discography, many well-loved anime roles and even a concert held at the prestigious Nippon Budokan and Yoyogi National Gymnasium! Do you know that Horie has also lent her voice to a singing android like Hatsune Miku who even had her own anime series?

Miss Monochrome is a character that was created by Horie herself and is also voiced by her! Initially a 3D virtual idol who made her first appearance in March 2012 during Horie’s Round Adventure III ~Secret Mission Tour~ at Nippon Budokan, Miss Monochrome will now have her first full-length solo album!

The album is slated for release on 7 October 2015 and will be titled Black or White (A definite reference to her name and design). Horie’s label, StarChild, a sub-label of King Records, has also announced the names of the tracks! The album will contain eight (8) tracks but only six have been announced so far and are as follows:

ポーカーフェイス (Pookaa Feisu)
私だけの物語 (Watashi dake no Monogatari)
Never Ending Story
Black or White?
Step by Step!

Fans of the Miss Monochrome anime will be delighted to know that the opening and ending themes to Season 2 will be part of the album! With an already released photobook and now an upcoming album, Miss Monochrome has definitely been kept busy these past few seasons!

While waiting for the album, perhaps you could catch up on the latest episodes of Miss Monochrome -The Animation 2 -! 

Featured image was a screencap taken by the author from the opening of Miss Monochrome – The Animation 2 –

SOURCE: http://www.starchild.co.jp/special/miss_monochrome_anime_2/news/


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