Yazawa Nico’s Flat To Be Demolished For Safety Reasons

Many anime fans, young and old, are familiar with the name Love Live! School Idol Project. The name has countless of songs and singles related to it, an anime series spanning 24 episodes over 2 seasons, an application where their songs can be played DDR style, and just recently, a summer movie but now bad news comes to Love Livers as news of the 3rd Grade Student Idol, Yazawa Nico‘s house is due to be demolished. 
Nico home 1

Nico’s house in real life is situated at The Shouhei Bridge Building, Akihabara, Tokyo. Many Love Livers consider the place an anime pilgrimage spot. Unfortunately, it has failed earthquake safety tests and has been deemed unsafe in the event that an earthquake were to occur in Akihabara.

The solution? Demolition, which will start by the end of this year. Meanwhile, existing tenants are given until September to move out.

Hopefully a replica building with structurally stronger support will be built so that more Love Livers can continue to pay homage to Yazawa Nico and her ‘Nico Nico Nii!’
Nico home

Source:SG Cafe

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