“AQOURS” Will Be The Name For the Idol Group in Love Live! Sunshine

On 27 June 2015, a new name has been decided for the new idol group in “Love Live! Sunshine” –  “AQOURS” which won on Dengeki G’s Love Live! Sunshine group name poll by 4644 votes.

While their first single will be released on 7 October, the character designs and profiles, together with the voice actresses for the characters have been revealed in earlier issues of Dengeki G magazine.

Fans of the Love Live! Franchise have mixed reactions towards the new group name. While some liked the name, as it has a “deep meaning” to the group, there are some fans who are quite disappointed as they are hoping for other names, such as “Palettes”, “KiSeKi” or “Lir” to win the poll. Even the Japanese company, Sharp, known for it’s electronic products, posted a tweet about how similar the name is to the name of their LCD TV series, Aquos.

The multimedia project, co-developed by ASCII Media Works, Dengeki G‘s Magazine, music label Lantis, and animation studio Sunrise, currently has 2 anime series featuring idol group Mu’s, a hit mobile game School Idol Festival and seiyuu concerts as the main components of the franchise.

– Tatsuya
Source: LL official site

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