BACK-ON And Try Fighters Seiyuus Dock At Gundam Docks In Singapore Event

Gundam Expo made its way to Singapore in June and along with the huge scale models of the iconic Mobile Suits came a slew of stage activities! Among the many offerings as part of the nearly month-long event was the stage appearance of the seiyuu behind the anime and the band that did the theme songs for a number of the franchise’s theme songs: BACK-ON!

A huge crowd gathered around the stage area at 1pm, an hour before the event was going to start. Fans scrambled to get the best spots that they can find around the stage. A few lucky audience members obtained a VIP pass that allowed them priority standing right in front of the stage. They were waiting for a Special Stage Event, where Gundam Build Fighters Try‘s Team Try Fighters seiyuus were to be interviewed and rock band  BACK-ON was to perform the theme songs from the Gundam Build Fighters series.

Around 1:30pm, openings songs of the various Gundam series from Mobile Suit Gundam to Mobile Suit Gundam 00 were shown, along with the year the series was ran. Fans were enticed by the Gundam franchise’s long history and new comers were introduced to the long running Gundam series which started back in 1979, 36 years ago.

At 2pm, the emcee came out onto stage. She would serve as the interviewer and interpreter at the same time. She introduced the Team Try Fighters’ seiyuus, Kazumi Togashi (Sekai Kamiki), Yuuma Uchida (Yuuma Kousaka) and Yui Makino (Fumina Hoshino).

U Yumma would be used to refer to Yumma Uchida
K Yumma would be used to refer to Yumma Kousaka

Firstly the emcee asked the trio to introduce themselves as well as their gunpla in the anime series, Uchida Yuuma  started off with the Lighting Gundam Full Burnern and introduced his character Kosaka Yuuma as the brains of the team, judging each situation and fighting at long ranges.

Secondly, Yui introduced the Star Winning Gundam as well as her character Fumina Hoshino, as the team’s president as well as the support of the team.

Lastly, Kazumi introduced the Try Burning Gundam as well as her character Kamiki Sekai, as the team’s brawn and rookie member of the team. She said the fact the Gundam has no weapons fit Sekai’s martial arts background and fighting style.

The 3 seiyuus were then asked which out of all the battles that happened in Gundam Build Fighters TRY was their most favorite or most memorable fight.

U Yumma started off by showing the battle in Episode 12 where K Yuuya controlling the Amazing Red Warrior faced of against Mejin Kawaguchi III in the Lighting Gundam. He said that battle made K Yuuma find the passion for gunpla battles which he has lost, and that his gunpla is top notch. He just needs faith in his gunpla battle skills.

Yuuma was also asked why both his character and himselfhave the same name, Yuuma Uchida (Yuuma Kousaka). U Yumma replied it was still a mystery. He asked the casting director about it and he said its because of his voice talents, but U Yumma felt like there was an “ulterior motive” behind it.

Yui showed the battle in ep 18 where Team Try Fighters faced off against Team S.D.K. it was also the part where Star Winning Gundam‘s Real Mode made its debut. She also commented that Fumina’s “WINNING BEAM” line was recorded 7 times and on the 7th try, the director said its was a good take. Yuuma teased her by shouting “BEEEAMMMM” a few times imitating her.

Kazumi showed the final battle of the seires, when the battle went into overtime. Try Burning Gundam was repaired using the polycaps and parts of Lighting Gundam Full Burnern and Star Winning Gundam, who fought Kajima Wilfried’s Tricendent Gundam, the crowd roared and applauded the loudest when the familiar final scene was played. The emotions of Team Try Fighters were both in the remodeled Try Burning Gundam, as well as everybody there, as we watch the battle unfold.

Rock Band BACK-ON took the stage afterwards,  they sang 3 songs from the Gundam Build Fighters series,

wimp ft. Lil’ Fang(from FAKY)


Nibun No Ichi

The audience’s enthusiasm remained latent for the first two songs, until the final song Nibun No Ichi, where the crowd started to sing and cheer for BACK-ON.  Only a handful of people cheered and sang along to all of their songs prior to the finale.
Afterwards, the seiyuus and BACK-ON were invited back on stage to give some final words as the event closes.

This article will be updated with photographs once they are made available by the organisers

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