Namie Amuro’s _genic Hits No.2 On The World Music Awards’ Best Selling Albums Chart!

Okinawan-born singer Namie Amuro has definitely made a very strong comeback with her first album in two years, _genic. Not only did she top the Oricon Charts and beat Superfly as the highest selling female artiste for first week sales alone, she managed to enter the second position on the coveted, global World Music Awards’ Best Selling Albums Chart! 

While most people remember the album _genic for its interactive music video, GOLDEN TOUCH, there is more to the album than just that incredibly catchy song! With other impressive songs such as Anything and even a special collaboration song with virtual idol Hatsune Miku in the form of B Who I Want to B, the album contains many infectious songs and is certainly an interesting one for J-Pop fans to look out for!

Joining Amuro on the World Music Awards’ Best Selling Albums Chart are other huge names in the international music scene such as Florence + The Machine, The Rolling Stones and Taylor Swift. Fans of contemporary Japanese music will also be thrilled to know that Japanese band Mr Children has also clinched a spot in the top ten with their album Reflection attaining the sixth position on the charts.

With the entrance of AKB48, μ’s, Amuro and Mr Children on the international World Music Awards’ charts, the international music scene can have a greater perspective of the diversity of the Japanese music scene!

Meanwhile, fans of Amuro can look forward to her Arena Tour titled namie amuro LIVEGENIC 2015-2016. The tour will kick-start at Saitama Super Arena on 5 September 2015 and will run all the way till February next year!

Image was screencapped from a Youtube video promotion her 2015-2016 live tour

Featured image credits to Amuro’s Official Website



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