‘Atelier Sophie’ – The Next Game in the Atelier Series!

Today , Koei Tecmo Games opened their official website for the newest game in the popular Atelier Series – ‘Atelier Sophie ~Alchemist of the Mysterious Book~’ (ソフィーのアトリエ ~不思議な本の錬金術士~; Sophie no Atorie ~Fushigi na Hon no Renkinjutsushi).

While the site is to be formally opened on 29th June, it contains a short preview movie of the game and details about the game’s pricing.


The game is planned to be released on the PS4, PS3 and the PS Vita – in regular versions (PS4/PS3: 6’800 yen; PS Vita: 5’800 yen), premium box versions (PS4/PS3: 9’800 yen; PS Vita: 8’800 yen) and downloadable versions (PS4/PS3: 6’000 yen; PS Vita: 5’143 yen). Listed prices exclude taxes.


Also mentioned on the website is a notification on a joint NicoNico LIVE broadcast that will be held on 29th June, featuring the upcoming games developed by GUST, ‘Atelier Sophie’ and ‘The Nightless Land’ (よるのないくに; Yoru no nai Kuni).

There is yet to be any announcement for the release date of ‘Atelier Sophie’ as of yet, so do follow the official website for ‘Atelier Sophie’ or watch the upcoming NicoNico LIVE broadcast next Monday night (29th June, 2000 – 2130 +9GMT) for further updates.


Now that the website for ‘Atelier Sophie’ has been officially opened, more information about the game has been released, along with a full-length trailer preview for the game.


~ Kuuin
Source: Gust.co.jp
Images Courtesy of GUST

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