Uta no Prince-Sama Store Rolls Out New Headphones To Complement Parkas!

Uta no Prince-Sama (Abbreviated as UtaPri) has swept the hearts (and ears) of fangirls all across the otaku world, spawning various CD releases, three anime seasons and even its own dedicated store in Harajuku! One would think that it is ironic that the musical otome game franchise has yet to release a music-related item. However, Brocolli has seemed to notice this and the team has finally started taking pre-orders for…UtaPri themed headphones.

The headphones will come in eleven designs, each themed off a member of STARISH and QUARTET NIGHT! The base colour of the headphones themed off the STARISH boys is white while the more senior senpai over at QUARTET NIGHT have a black base.

Furthermore, if fans were to play close attention to the patterns used on the headphones, they are actually coordinated according to who the senpai and kohai are! Masato, Ren and Ranmaru have a plaid design. Tokiya, Otoya and Reiji have their themed headphones lined with stripes while Natsuki, Syo and Ai have little white polka dots set against their image colour! Lastly, the royal duo of Camus and Cecil have, quite fittingly, diamonds!

The headphones even complement the highly coveted UtaPri parkas! Both the parkas and headphones come with their own set of goodies! Those who purchase the headphones will get a character coordinated badge bearing the image of the boys in the artwork featured above! Those who bought the parkas will receive a photo card with the character’s comments.

The headphones will retail at 4,500 yen and the parkas will go on sale at 5,000 yen. Pre-orders are currently being held at Broccoli’s website so fans intending to snap these functional merchandise can head over there to make their purchase!

All images copyrighted to Broccoli.

SOURCE: http://store.broccoli.co.jp/ec/cmShopTopPageR.html


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