Lantis’ Original Entertainment Paradise Confirms Dates for 2015 Run!

The dates for Lantis’ Original Entertainment Paradise (Abbreviated as OrePara) have been confirmed! As per the other years, it will be held at the Kobe World Hall and Tokyo’s Ryoguku Kokugikan. This year’s incarnation will see seiyuu and singer-songwriter Takuma Terashima’s debut performance as part of the four main hosts.

Annual performers Daisuke Ono, Showtaro Morikubo and Kenichi Suzumura will be appearing for all four days of concerts. The dates are as follows:

Kobe World Hall
12-13 December 2015

Ryogoku Kokugikan
19-20 December 2015

This year is special in that it marks the first time Takuma Terashima will join the event as one of the main hosts! With a new member added to the roster, it would be interesting to see how the iconic OrePara Rap will be performed as well as other annually performed theme songs such as Galaxy Bus. 

Fans of Daisuke Ono may also be interested in attending his live to prepare themselves for his first solo live later in January as well! Fans of Uta no Prince-sama may be interested in catching these live performances as well as the seiyuus of Masato, Reiji and Ittoki make their live appearances as well!

While guests and the overall theme of the concert have yet to be announced, fans can definitely look forward to another year of splendid concerts from the team! Stay tuned for more updates!



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