Wagakki Band to Release 2nd Studio Album!

Senbonzakura,千本桜 lit. meaning thousand sakura, is a song composed by Kurousa-P for Hatsune Miku初音ミク and is perhaps one of the most popular Vocaloid songs. One of the greatest covers for this song is by Wagakki band, 和楽器バンド, a new rock entertainment band that combines Shigin, Japanese traditional instruments and rock music and they will be releasing a new album on September 2nd titled 八奏絵巻” (Yasou emaki).

After releasing their debut album “Vocalo Zanmai“, ボカロ三昧, in April 2014, which ranked in 5th in its first appearance in the Oricon weekly rankings, the album achieved top 10 status twice. Wagakki Band’s debut album remained in the top 100 after 22 weeks of its release. As of now, their “Senbonzakura” video on Youtube has had 2.2 million views and is being released on this CD album as a video single.In addition, other well-known video singles, 戦-ikusa- and 華火, would be included.

Another Vocaloid song cover, “The Earth’s Final Confession”, 地球最後の告白を, originally composed by kemu for Gumi APPEND power will also be available as a limited edition bonus track in this album!

Cover for the CD+DVD (Live Footage) Edition

The album will come in a whopping six editions, each with their own cover and exclusive contents! There will be a CD only edition, two CD + DVD editions, two CD + Blu-ray editions and the highly coveted limited edition boxset which will consist of two DVD discs, a Blu-ray disc, photobook and USB drive along with the music CD. The boxset will cost 15,000 yen. With the exception of the box set, each edition will come with a trading card each and there are 20 designs to collect. The editions that come with the video material will also be bundled in a Mikatase Case!

USB Design From the Box Set

The music CD comprises of 14 tracks for the regular editions while the first-press editions of all editions comes with the extra song as mentioned above. The Music Video Collection will be bundled in Blu-ray and DVD formats. That’s not all! Fans can also obtain the CD + Blu-ray/DVD editions that come with footage from their January 2015 show at Shibuya Public Hall titled 和楽器バンド大新年会2015 (Wagakki Band Daishin Nenkai 2015) and their show held at Taiwan’s ATT Box in May 2015!

With so many editions in store and new covers, fans better grab their copies of the CD fast!



https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U0gAwCFHdEA (Miku’s version of Senbonzakura, 千本桜)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K_xTet06SUo (Wagakki’s version of Senbonzakura, 千本桜)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VnQwZVwBvB4 (The Earth’s Final Confession, 地球最後の告白を)

Image credits to Wagakki Band’s official website