‘Fate/stay night Unlimited Blade Works’ Reveals Takeuchi’s Artwork for the 2nd Blu-ray Box’s Pre-order Bonus

Today, the official website for the renowned ‘Fate/stay night Unlimited Blade Works’ anime series announced a pre-order campaign for their upcoming Blu-ray Disc Box for the second part of the anime which will air its final episode this week.

Up until 10th August 2015, customers pre-ordering the Blu-ray Disc Box at selected outlets will be entitled to receive an A3-size tapestry containing the character designer of the Fate series and the co-founder of TYPE-MOON, Takeuchi Takashi’s artwork, which depicts Archer and Emiya Shirou from the series.


Shops and outlets participating in the campaign are as follows: ufotable cafe (Tokyo, Tokushima, Nagoya), Machi☆Asobi Cafe, ufotable CINEMA, ufotable WEB SHOP, ANIPLEX+, Animate, Sofmap (Blu-ray shops and website), Tora no Ana (some shops excluded), GAMERS, TSUTAYA ONLINE, SHINSEIDO WonderGOO, Neowing, Amazon, HMV, Getchu-ya, and AmiAmi.


The 2nd Blu-ray Disc Box for ‘Fate/stay night Unlimited Blade Works’ will be available in stores starting 7th October 2015, at a price of 35,000 Yen (excluding tax).

The set will contain episodes 13 to 25 from the series (which include animation sequences which were not included in the weekly TV airings), the 2nd OST of the anime, a voice drama CD, a special booklet containing 50 pages worth of staff interviews, animation roughs, and other important in-the-making records, along with a collection of PVs and commercials, and no-credits versions of the opening and ending sequences for the anime. All pre-orders made before 10th August will also entitle customers with the bonus tapestry which will come in a box.

~ Kuuin
Source: Fate-sn.com
All Images Courtesy of TYPE-MOON and ufotable

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