Muse’s Second Compilation Album ranks second on the World’s Best Selling Albums

It’s a strike for the voices behind the Muse girls and their most recent anthology of upbeat anisong-idol music about dreams and crushing. This week, their second compilation album, Muse: Best Album Live! Collection II sold 85000 copies, ranking it second on World Music Awards’s World’s Top 20 Best Selling Albums.

The 1st to 20th albums in descending order (Source: WMA FB Page)

The 1st to 20th albums in descending order (Source: WMA FB Page)

It is not common for Japanese music in general, let alone an anisong artiste in particular, to reach such a high position as compared to songs performed in universal language, English. In fact, there is only one other Japanese album among the 20, Shonan no Kaze, which ranked 16 at 35000 copies. There is a K-Pop album while the remainder comprises of English albums in the top 20.

Muse is a fictional idol group from the 26-episode Love Live anime series and corresponding smartphone game, School Idol Festival. Their songs are performed in each episode of the former and serve as levels to a rhythm-cum-unit-collecting game in the latter.

Muse: Best Album Live! Collection II was the best-selling album on the Oricon Daily Charts on its release date, 26th May 2015. It also attained the coveted number one position on the Oricon Weekly Charts during its first week of release.

3 separate singles for each of Muse‘s subunits were released on the day before, 25th May, preceding the cinematic release of the franchise’s movie on 13th June, implying that the idol unit is likely to remain active despite how the LoveLive franchise currently appears to be diverging into a new branch, Sunshine, which features another idol unit performing to the theme of summer.


The 3 singles (Source: AFAChan)

Readers interested in the World Music Awards’ lists of top-selling albums and singles may keep tabs on their official website at

– Mikeru

Source: World Music Awards FaceBook Page

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