GRANRODEO Announces New Best Of Album!

The rock duo that took the J-Rock world and Anisong world by storm, GRANRODEO, has announced that they will be releasing a second best of album! Having recently concluded their special GRANRODEO 10th ANNIVERSARY FES ROUND GR 2015 at the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium, this announcement did not come off as much of a surprise.

The last time GRANRODEO released a Best Of album was in 2013 with GRANRODEO Greatest Hits Gift Registry. Their second Best Of album is set for release on 30 September 2015. The title has yet to be announced but from Japanese shipping sites such as Amazon and CDJapan, the release is slated to come with two audio discs and a DVD.

Once again, announced contents have yet to be announced. Nonetheless, with a second Best Of album on the way, fans will definitely be excited! Aside from the new album release, their official website has also announced that there will be a 10th anniversary event exclusive to members of their official fanclub, Team Rodeo! It will be held on 23 November 2015.

With all these activities in conjunction with their 10th anniversary, GRANRODEO shows no signs of slowing down and that is certainly great news for their fans!


Artiste photo credits to GRANRODEO’s official website


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