Ultraman X, The Next Ultraman And The Next Spark Doll User Revealed!

Tsuburaya has release details on the next Ultraman Ultraman X, revealing gimmicks, machines, support crew and cast members.

Ultraman X

Ultraman X‘s host, Daichi transforms using the X-Devicer, in which he scans an Ultraman X Spark Doll toUniteand face enemy monsters. His signature beam attack is called the Xanadium Ray. Daichi, like Ultraman Cosmos, wants humans and monsters to co-exist.

Union” gives abilities to Ultraman X that Ginga , the previous Ultra, and the original Ultra need to make use of Spark Dolls. He is able to “unite”  with Cyber-Monsters – artificially created monsters by the series support team, XiO which stands for Xeno Invasion Outcutters.

ultraman X Gomura

Confirmed Cyber-Monsters include Cyber-Eleking and Cyber Gomora (seen above). X is able to unite with them with the use of Cyber Cards. X has to scan the cards using the X-Deviser to access the Cyber Monsters’ power.


All XiO members are equipped with XiO Devicers, a device similar to Daichi’s X-Devicer, and XiO Blasters. The Blaster can combine with the Ultra Booster to become the Ultrarizer (seen above)


The team that Daichi is part of is led by Captain Shotaro Kamiki (bottom image: center left), who believes that we should understand the enemy instead of just attacking them. Under him is Vice-Captain Sayuri Tachibana (bottom image: third from the left), who is protective and a former Hyper Rescue member and has a vast knowledge about rescue and salvage.Other members include Daichi’s protector and hand-to-hand combat expert Asuna Yamase (right of Daichi in center), the silent sharpshooter Wataru Kazama (second from left), communication operators Takeru Yamagishi (first from left) and Chiaki Matsumoto (first from right), and Daichi’s “rival” Hayato Kishima (second from right). Other members not pictured in the shot are: XiO’s Lab Team, which is composed of the laid back Mamoru Mikazuki, and the “mood-maker” Rui Takeda. Daichi is a member of the lab team. Lastly, the team also has Professor Guruman, an alien from the planet Fanton. The friendship of his race first happened in Ultraman Mebius.


XiO, like GUYS – Ultraman Mebius’ support team- will use machines to help fight the monsters, in Ultraman X, we have the XiO Musketee, a multi-form machine that is designed to dock with the team’s three land machines: the XiO Porthos, XiO Aramis, and the XiO Athos. With these machines, the XiO Musketee can form the following machines:

  • Xio Musketee + XiO Porthos = Land Musketee
  • Xio Musketee + XiO Aramis = Space Musketee
  • Xio Musketee + XiO Athos = Sky Musketee (seen above)

The series is written by Yuji Kobayashi (GARO, Ultraseven X), Takao Nakano (The Rug Cop), Hirotoshi Kobayashi (L: Change the WorLd), and Hisako Kurosawa (Ultraman Ginga). Ultraman X will take over the Shin Ultraman Retsuden slot starting 14 July

Spark Doll: bodies of monsters and ultra from various worlds/universe, first seen after the Dark Spark War in Ultraman Ginga

Ultraman Ginga’s host, uses Spark Dolls to transform into monsters and Ultraman Ginga, X uses Spark Dolls to transform into X, and Cyber-Monsters to unite with the Cyber-Monsters

Source : http://www.orendsrange.com/2015/06/ultraman-x-gimmick-support-cast.html


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