‘Tales of 20th Anniversary Animation’ Led by Ufotable To Air in 2016

Just recently, the official Tales of Series web portal ‘Tales Channel PLUS’ opened an official webpage for an animation meant to commemorate the 20th Anniversary of the Tales of Series.


Featuring a video trailer and a high-quality key visual of the main character of ‘Tales of Zestria’, ‘Sorey’, produced by animation studio Ufotable, the webpage also contains an enigmatic phrase:


Translation: The Shepherd’s journey, shall transcend Zestria

Having also produced animation sequences for ‘Tales of Xillia’, ‘Tales of Xillia 2’ and ‘Tales of Zestria’, fans of anime can almost certainly expect the high caliber of animation that Ufotable is well known for, in this upcoming project.

While many fans of the series have starting speculating that the anime adaptation might be about ‘Tales of Zestria’, given the key visual in the webpage, the mysterious phrase in the webpage has also led other fans to speculate that there might also be an adaptation for ‘Tales of Xillia’.

For more information and updates about this project, do follow the official website for the Tales of 20th Anniversary Animation.

~ Kuuin
Source: Tales-ch.jp
All Images Courtesy of BNEI, Ufotable, and Tales Channel PLUS
Translations by Kuuin

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