New Tales Series Game, ‘Tales of Berseria’ Announced!

During the Tales of Festival event held by Bandai Namco yesterday (6th June), the newest installment to the hugely popular Tales video game series, ‘Tales of Berseria’ was announced to be released in the PS3 and PS4 platform.

According to the announcement, ‘Tales of Berseria’ will be the first Tales game in the series to feature a single female main character through which the main story of the game shall be wrought, from her perspective.


Onosaya Masaya (voice actor of Zelos from Tales of Symphonia) viewing the design of Velvet, the main character of Tales of Berseria

Details of Velvet (ベルベット), the main character who will be voiced by voice actress Satou Rina, and the character designer Inomata Mutsumi (who worked for the designs for Tales ever since Tales of Destiny), and the prolific animation studio working in this project, ‘Ufotable’ have only been announced currently.


Satou Rina addressing the audience


Translation: “I won’t give up. No matter how many times I have to, I will continue to strike back at them.” Voice Actor: Satou Rina, Character Design: Inomata Mutsumi

Currently, no details pertaining to the release date or price of the game have been released. For more updates regarding Tales of Berseria, do follow the game’s official website.

~ Kuuin

Sources: DENGEKIONLINE, Tales-Ch
Images Courtesy of BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. and DENGEKIONLINE

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