Daisuke Ono To Release New Mini-Album Titled “Doors”

Long-time followers and new fans of Daisuke Ono alike can look forward to a new mini-album from the seiyuu-singer to be released this July, titled “Doors” which will feature seven tracks. The release of “Doors” marks a distinctive point in the singer’s career, which has seen substantial experimentation in various genres over the past years and outreach to a wider audience.

The choice of the album name marks a continuation of Daisuke Ono‘s recent trend of having titles themed off his initials with the letter “D” featuring prominently, signifying that “Doors” will be the latest to bear the standard of Daisuke Ono‘s artistic style. Of particular interest, the lyrics to the title track “Doors” itself will be written by the singer himself, marking a shift away from his fabricated “disco” image and overt feature of dance tracks produced for the mass market and a return of Daisuke Ono‘s own signature musical style as seen in songs such as “Tori no Yume” (鳥の夢, 2009) and “Akatsuki no wadachi” (暁の轍, 2012) which also featured lyrics written by him. This is in line with his more recent releases such as the “Down Stairs” mini-album, “Lunar Maria” and “Mission D“, which concurrently promote a second, more authentic and more sophisticated image of Daisuke Ono and one which many of his long-time fans would surely be familiar with.

With one more addition to Daisuke Ono‘s discography, fans can expect to have an even wider variety of songs under his name that they can choose from, and this mini-album looks set in promising to offer something for everyone. Lantis has released the track titles in “Doors“, as provided below, as well as a promotional video segment with a sneak-peek of パノラマ・ミラー・ツアー  which can be found on their official YouTube channel.

01. Key of the mirror (inst.)
02. パノラマ・ミラー・ツアー(Panaroma Miraa Tsuaa)
03. 宇宙全時代Discotheque (Uchuu zen jidai Discotheque) 
04. teardrops
05. プルマ・シエロ (Puruma Shiero)
06. Doors
07. カラフルレンズ (Karafuru Renzu)

Doors will be released on 1 July 2015 in two editions! The limited edition will contain a DVD and the audio CD while the regular edition will only contain the music CD.

Image credits to Lantis’ Official Website

Source: http://www.lantis.jp/artist-news.php?id=f4165cba759b0eccd6448d4e72b4d9ad&nid=143343000