pixiv Adds a Whole New Level of Fun With Voice Feature

What comes to mind when most people mention pixiv is a treasure trove of fanart and doujinshi. Even concept art for fanmade series or parodies get uploaded there on a regular basis! Creators have been able to browse through these various artworks through the website’s official application. Now, users can add a whole new dimension to their artworks via a new feature!

pixiv has now started offering users with a voice-recording feature through a new app titled Pixvoice. At the moment, it is only available for iPhones and iOS operating systems. With this feature, fans will be able to try out voice acting for selected works and even dub over their own original comics and doujinshi! 

While it is too early to tell if this new feature will revolutionise the ever-growing seiyuu industry in Japan, it will definitely provide aspiring voice actors with the opportunity to display their talents to an audience via the browsing and tagging feature. All the artists and voice actors need to do is to tag the artworks with ピクボイス (Pikuboisu/Pixvoice)!

For now, the feature will need to take time to display its potential capabilities in the blossoming world of fanworks and Japanese pop culture.


SOURCE: http://pixvoice.net/

Image from pixvoice Official Site

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