AFC Champions League: Gamba & Kashiwa through to Quarter Finals

Round 16 Second Leg: Gamba Osaka 3-2 FC Seoul (Gamba wins 6-3 on aggregate)

The second leg of the quarter finals between Gamba Osaka and FC Seoul took place at the Expo ’70 Stadium in Osaka, Japan. Despite the 3-1 lead with away goals in their first leg victory in Korea, they showed no lack of confidence and strength as they were victorious in the second leg 3-2, winning 6-3 on aggregate. Anderson Oliviera scored the opener in the 16th minute and doubled their lead with a goal from Shu Kurata just before half time.

FC Seoul showed their strong determination in the second half, dominating most of the match, with Jun Yutae scoring the 2nd goal for the team. The substitute, Lins, scored the final goal of the game for Gamba Osaka.

Gamba’s coach, Kenta Hasegawa said “The game turned out to be a very tough one, as I thought it would be. But our players worked very hard right until the end. That brought us the win and qualification to the quarter-finals”. It is unsurprising that he’s happy with the result, as this is the first time they have reached to the quarter-finals since their victory in 2008.


Round 16 Second Leg: Kashiwa Reysol 1-2 Suwon Samsung FC (4-4 on aggregate, Kashiwa wins on away-goal rule)


The second leg of the quarter finals between Kashiwa Reysol and Suwon Samsung FC took place at the Hitachi Kashiwa Stadium in Kashiwa, Japan. Kashiwa had a 3-2 advantage after their first leg victory away from home.

The opening goal from Chong Tese and Ku Jaryong changed the entire game completely as a 2-0 victory for Suwon would be enough to secure a spot in the quarter finals. However, the crucial aggregate equalizing goal by Kobayashi Yusuke in the 65th minute was enough for Kashiwa to win by away goal rule.

“I am feeling relieved and happy as we made it through this round. We were feeling the pressure from Suwon for over 90 minutes, but there were some moments where we managed to fix the positioning of our players and the defence worked well to move the ball around to use time and to develop the game” said the coach of Gamba Osaka, Tatsuma Yoshida after the match.


The draw for the 2nd leg will be held on 18th June, with the 1st leg of the quarter finals will begin on the 25th August this year.

Source: AFC Official Website


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