NARUTO Exhibition Soon to Open in Osaka! Ticket Pre-Orders to Start 6th June

According to an announcement made in the 27th issue of Weekly Shounen Jump, following the end of the NARUTO Exhibition in Tokyo on 28th June – will be the opening of the exhibition at Osaka Culturarium in Tempouzan, Osaka, from 18th July to 27th September.

Visitors can expect a range of nostalgic scenes recreated at the exhibition grounds, along with a gallery of the creator, Kishimoto Masashi’s artwork, and videos pertaining to how the series NARUTO was conceptualized by Kishimoto before it was published as a weekly serial manga.


All visitors to the exhibition will be given the guest book Shinden: Fuu no Sho (The Book of Wind; the illustrated book in which Kakashi’s face was revealed) just for the price of an entry ticket, which will cost 2000 Yen for adults, 1500 Yen for middle school and high school students, and 800 Yen for grade school children aged 4 and above, from the day of the exhibition’s opening onwards.

However, people who pre-order the tickets between 6th June and 17th July will receive a discount, making the tickets cost 200 Yen cheaper than the aforementioned prices for all ages.

Those who make pre-orders can even purchase a ticket bundled with a bonus for a lower discount (100 Yen cheaper than the on-day tickets), which will entitle these special visitors with the premium fan book, Shinden: Rai no Sho (The Book of Lightning), on top of the free Shinden: Fuu no Sho.


Shinden: Rai no Sho (pictured left) and Shinden: Fuu no Sho (pictured right)

For more information regarding the exhibits and the ticket sales (starting 6th June), do follow the NARUTO Exhibition’s official website.

~ Kuuin
Sources: Naruto-Ten, Weekly Shounen Jump 2015, Issue 27
Images Courtesy of

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