YuiKaori to Hold Costume Party Commemorating Launch of HEARTY PARTY Live Recordings

Fans of anisong idol duo YuiKaori (portmanteau of members Yui Ogura and Kaori Ishihara) can now look forward to the 3rd June release of the Blu-ray and DVD recording of their YuiKaori LIVE TOUR “HEARTY PARTY !! performed last year on 7th December at the Makuhari Messe Event Hall in Chiba.

BluRay cover (Source: Jpop-idols.com)

BluRay cover (Source: Jpop-idols.com)

 To commemorate the launch, YuiKaori‘s official website announced on 27th May that a costume party will be held from 2nd June to 12th at the 7th floor of Gamers Online Shop’s Head Office in Akihabara. This launch party will comprise a costume exhibition (showing the costumes used in last year’s live), a panel exhibition and merchandise sales.

Official event banner

Official event banner for the costume event


The signed replica photograph (left) and the B3 poster (right) taken from the Gamers online shop website

The Live Hearty Party DVD and Blu-Ray, both priced at 6’900 yen each, tax-inclusive, will have footage of the concerts, behind-the-scenes footage and bonus challenges by Yui and Kaori. The set-list for the actual concert is as follows:

02. ウェィカッ!!
-MC 1-
03. Our Song
04. Shooting☆Smile
05. Intro Situation
-Short Movie“パジャマPARTY”-
06. Tinkling Smile(小倉 唯)
-MC(小倉 唯)-
07. ハツコイメイズ *Sugar time ver.(小倉 唯)
08. Sunny Ray Beam!!(石原夏織)
09. Shiny Blue *Right on! Dream ver.(石原夏織)
-Short Movie“PARTY PRESENT”-
-MC 2-
10. ふたり
11. 恋するストール
-Short Movie“DANCING PARTY”-
14. 圧倒的な GO!!
-MC 3-
16. Our Steady Boy
-MC 4-
18. Jumpin’ Bunny Flash!!
19. 星降る夜のハッピーリンク

– Mikeru

Source: YuiKaori Official Website, GAMERS Online Shop’s product page


UPDATE: 11/06/2015

One of our readers, Yui, visited the store shortly after the opening of the exhibition and shared these photos and details with J-Network.


Near the entrance of the shop is this promotional stand with concert merchandise and video footage (top) of the concert.

The area near the cashier was also adorned with concert visuals. To the left of this picture’s background is a guestbook for fans to sign their well wishes for the duo.


In addition, Akihabara GAMERS also carried stock of last year’s concert. Here is a poster promoting the concert recording.


However, we are unable to display visuals of the main attraction of the costume party: the costume replicas Yui Ogura and Kaori Ishihara wore during the concert. Close-up photography of the costumes as well as nearby areas were unfortunately forbidden.

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