Nogizaka46 To Star in Sports Drama This July

A top-idol group in Japan, Nogizaka46 announced their very first drama series, “Hatsumori Bemars”, featuring the members of the group as the characters of the drama. This drama series promises sweat, tears and miracle shots in relation to one of Japan’s most beloved sports: Baseball.

This drama series revolves around an unskilled, no-experience newbie softball team challenging one of the champion teams to save their beloved park known as “The Park of Beginning” from being demolished for a new apartment complex. Kirei (Shiraishi Mai), the daughter of the chairman of the urban development company, challenges Nanamaru (Nishino Nanase) in the softball tournament to take back the park’s redevelopment contract and save her most treasured park.

Akimoto Yasushi, well-known as the Total Producer for both AKB48 and Nogizaka46, was the mastermind behind designing the concept of a sports-based drama, after being successful with AKB48’s Drama24 series, “Majisuka Gakuen”, where the cast members have their designated role sbased on their own personality. In addition, it bears a resemblance to a popular American baseball movie “Bad News Bears

The drama series will begin airing on 7th July 2015 on TV Tokyo. If you are a fan of Nogizaka46 and Baseball, this series is definitely worth anticipation!

Source: TV Tokyo Official Website

Translations Done By: Kuuin


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