Cast Details for the Anime ‘Rokka no Yuusha’ Airing July Released

Details to the cast for the long awaited anime adaptation for the acclaimed light novel ‘Rokka no Yuusha’ (Heroes of the Six Flowers) written by Yamagata Ishio have been finally released on the official website for the adaption only recently.

While many might be unfamiliar with ‘Rokka no Yuusha’, in the light of many other popular light novels, the stories for these series of books weaved by Yamagata Ishio (also known for the popular Tatakau Shisho novel series), provide a refreshing approach to the fantasy genre. The novel actually mixes the bizarreness of a fantasy world, with the logical and surprising suspense brought about by Japanese Tsuiri Shousetsu (detective novels), creating a very intriguing and gripping tale which shall all the more be enhanced further by this anime adaptation.


Rokka no Yuusha’ tells the tale of Adlet Maia the self proclaimed ‘strongest man in Earth’ who becomes one of the six chosen ‘Heroes of the Six Flowers’ to defeat the Demon God which lies asleep, deep in the Demon Crying Realm… Only to find that there are seven people with the mark of the Six Flowers…



Adlet, the self proclaimed ‘strongest man on Earth’ who uses a variety of secret tools for battle. At eighteen years of age, he charged into the battle tournament in the Kingdom of Pienna to become chosen as one of the Heroes of the Six Flowers. Since then he had been known as ‘the despicable fighter’. Voiced by Saitou Souma.


Nachetania, the first queen of the strongest kingdom in the continent, Pienna, she fought in the holy battle tournament in Pienna donning her rabbit-shaped sallet and won using her powers as the Saint of Blades. She has the personality of a wanderer and a trickster. Voiced by Hikasa Youko.


Frenie, a mysterious white-haired girl who wears an eyepatch, she uses a wide range of guns and explosives which can be controlled by her, being the Saint of Gunpowder. She outright refuses anyone’s help and seeks to defeat the Demon God alone. Voiced by Yuuki Aoi.


Hans, a hit-man who has a weird cat-like manner of speaking, and extremely nimble cat-like reflexes and cat-like style of swordplay. He usually goes about without nervousness and likes to gambol about, but in battle, he is completely cool-headed and focused. Voiced by Suzumura Kenichi.


Maura, the elder of the Mundus Shrine who leads the Saints of the world, possesses immense intelligence, skill and experience. As the Saint of Mountains, she is able to manipulate spiritual energies allowing her to crush anything, with just her bare fists. Voiced by Satou Rina.


Chamot, the Saint of Marshes, is able to rear demons within the large swamp that lies within her stomach. While she is only fourteen years of age, she is known to the world as the strongest Saint, though her personality is undoubtedly that of a selfish child. Voiced by Kakuma Ai.


Goldov, the strongest knight of the Kingdom of Pienna’s Blackhorn Knights, with his blessed constitution wields a large spear for battle. Swearing is eternal and unwavering loyalty to Nachetania, his personality is reserved and serious. Voiced by Uchiyama Kouki.

‘Rokka no Yuusha’ is planned to begin airing starting July 2015 on TOKYO MX, AT-X, and BS-11.

~ Kuuin
All Images Courtesy of
Translations done by Kuuin

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