Preview Trailer for ‘CHAOS DRAGON’ Airing 2nd July is Finally Out!

Adapted from the original TRPG (Table Top Role Playing Game) ‘RED DRAGON’ conceived in 2012 by the famous creators ‘Nasu Kinoko’ (creator of the Fate series, and author of Kara no Kyoukai), ‘Urobuchi Gen’ (writer of Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Fate/Zero and PSYCHO-PASS), ‘Kougyoku Idzuki’ (winner of the 13th Dengeki Novel Writing Contest), ‘Narita Ryougo’ (author of ‘Baccano!’ and the ‘Durarara!!’ series) and the illustrator ‘Shimadoriru’ is the anime ‘CHAOS DRAGON’, which released its first trailer online yesterday.]


The animation, being led by the studio SILVER LINK. /CONNECT, notably has its music score done by the same Sakimoto Hitoshi (known for his compositions for Final Fantasy XII and Valkyria Chronicles) who also composed the music tracks for the original ‘RED DRAGON’ project led by the publisher Seikaisha in 2012.

While followers of the ‘RED DRAGON’ TRPG replays on Seikaisha’s site may find that much of the designs and story elements of the original project have been modified for ‘CHAOS DRAGON’ (as can be apparently seen from Urobuchi’s character, Lou Zhen Jie, in RED DRAGON whose gender has been changed in CHAOS DRAGON) the animation may nonetheless provide refreshing content for those who have enjoyed the ‘RED DRAGON’ replays.


CHAOS DRAGON’ will screen in Japan starting 2nd July this year on TOKYO MX, KBS Kyoto, BS11 and SanteTelebi. People interested in the earlier project ‘RED DRAGON’ that led to the animation can find the original replays on Saizensen (some of which can be viewed for free), or buy the ‘RED DRAGON’ replay novels published by Seikaisha.

According to the official website for ‘CHAOS DRAGON’, there are also plans to release a smartphone game and a board game for the series.

~ Kuuin
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