Dragon Ball Super Opening and Ending Songs Revealed

The official Dragon Ball Super anime website has revealed that the former THE YELLOW MONKEY member Kazuya Yoshii will perform the anime’s opening theme “Chōzetsu☆Dynamic” (Transcendent Dynamic). The song is written by Yukinojo Mori.Mori previously wrote songs for several Dragon Ball movies and Dragon Ball Z Kai. This is the first time Yoshii will perform an anime theme as a solo artist. He previously performed Rurouni Kenshin’s first ending theme under his group, THE YELLOW MONKEY.

In the Funination English Dub, rock band Good Morning America will perform the ending theme “Hello Hello Hello“. Band member Kanehiro Shingo is writing the lyrics. This is the second time the band will sing a song for Dragon Ball. Previously they performed the music for Kid Buu’s theme from DBZ Kai

Dragon Ball Super will take place after Dragon Ball Z’s Kid Buu Saga. Series creator Akira Toriyama will write the plot for the series and might feature the appearance of an enemy stronger than Buu or Frieza. The series is set to premiere in July.


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