54th NHK Cup 2015: Uchiyama in Seventh Heaven, Sugihara Makes History

The 54th NHK Cup 2015 was held at Yoyogi National Gymnasium in Tokyo this past Sunday. It was one of Japan’s most prestigious gymnastic national championships as it continues to serve as the qualifications for the right to represent Japan in the 2015 World Gymnastics Championship in Glasgow, Scotland in October this year.

Two categories were featured for the competition on that day: the Men’s All-Around and the Women’s All-Around. In the Men’s All-Around Category, the 5-time defending All-Around World Champion, Kohei Uchiyama remained dominant in this competition, winning his 7th NHK Cup in his career after impressing the judges and gaining the highest points, scoring 184,250 points to win the championship.

uchimura_nhk_trophy15 w3-gymnastics-b-20150518-e1431872122590

In the Women’s All-Around Category, Aiko Sugihara, a first-year high school student, impressed not only the judges but everyone in the arena and all around Japan, after winning her first ever NHK Cup and secured her spot for her first ever World Championship. The 15-year-old was ranked 12th place last year, but with her resilience and determination, she overcame all obstacles and won the cup with 113,975 points.

The Top 3 for the Men’s All-Around Category, and the Top 5 for the Women’s All-Around Category will represent Japan in the World Championships in Glasgow this October.

Here are the selection gymnasts for Japan in the World Championships:

Men’s All-Around:

  1. Kohei Uchimura – 184,250 pts
  2. Yusuke Tanaka – 181,325 pts
  3. Ryohei Kato – 179,850 pts


Women’s All-Around:

  1. Aiko Sugihara– 113,975 pts
  2. Natsumi Sasada – 112,650 pts (Japan National Champion 2015)
  3. Asuka Teramoto – 112,825 pts
  4. Sakura Yumoto – 111,200 pts
  5. Yuki Uchiyama – 110,625 pts


Source: Japan Times, Gym Media International

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