MV for Yoshino Nanjo’s 4th Single Revealed, 1st Album Confirmed

On 15th May, the official website of trance and Anisong singer Yoshino Nanjo revealed a 50-second PV containing an excerpt from the music video her upcoming 4th single, Kimi wo Sagashi ni (Looking for You), which will be released on 10th June. The single will be used as the ending theme of the anime series The Eden of Grisaia‘s “The Seeds of Blanc Aile” arc.

In addition, her first full album was also announced on the same day. The official site will announce more details regarding the album on 27th May.

The song is one of her slower-paced and less electronic-heavy compared to most of the songs in her repertoire and that of fripside‘s discography. The MV excerpt depicts Nanjo singing what appears to be the bridge and chorus of Kimi wo Sagashini in the backdrop of a lavender fabric alternated with scenes of a female student running across the city streets.

The 4th single comes in 2 editions, a regular edition (containing the music CD) and limited edition version (containing the music CD, and a limited music video DVD). These cost 1,200 Yen and 1,800 Yen respectively in Japan (excluding taxes).

Regular Edition cover

Regular Edition cover

Limited Edition cover

Limited Edition cover

The CD will contain 4 tracks: “Kimi wo Sagashi ni“, “Sora Hoshi Hitotsu“, and the instrumental versions of “Tasogare no Starlight” and “Sora Hoshi Hitotsu“.

– Mikeru
Sources: Crunchyroll, NBCUniversal Entertainment Japan

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