Chihayafuru Live-action Film to Premiere in 2016

The 12th issue of Kodansha’s Be-Love magazine in 2015 revealed on 15th May that the live-action film adaptation of Chihayafuru premieres in 2016. Be Love will continue to reveal information gradually about the film, such as cast and character information.

Be Love is also the magazine in which Chihayafuru is launched and published in, but is now currently on hiatus.

Chihayafuru manga Volume 1 Cover

Chihayafuru: Volume 1 Cover

The Chihayafuru franchise chronicles the story of titular main character Chihaya, who forms a Karuta club in their school and aiming to excel at this traditional Japanese game which revolves around memory and poetry. Thus far, it comprises 2 anime series, a 4-volume novel series and an ongoing manga series that stands at 27 bound volumes as of 13th April 2015. Chihayafuru is cited by some to have sparked interest and awareness about the traditional game among readers and watchers abroad.

Real-life Karuta cards (Source:

Real-life Karuta cards (Source:

– Mikeru
Sources: Anime News Network, Heart of Manga

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